Revealed: The Truth about Fish Oil

Is fish oil really the “miracle cure” it’s said to be?

Heart protection, stroke prevention and tamping down inflammation are just some of the benefits from eating the right kinds of FISH…

…but recent studies tell a very different story about fish OIL.

Join renowned nutrition expert Dr. Darrel Hestdalen for an inside look at the ugly truth about fish oil (that fish oil marketers would NEVER want you to know)…

…and which oils you SHOULD be taking right now to support your heart, stop joint discomfort, get active again, and live a healthy life.

Click here to watch

If you or someone you know is taking fish oil for health (millions do), you NEED to watch this free webinar.

Dr. Hestdalen is a graduate of Northwestern Health Sciences University and the New York College of Chiropractic; has practiced Chiropractic medicine for over 35 years; and is an expert practitioner of Clinical Nutrition, Acupuncture and Applied Kinesiology.

During the webinar, host Eddie Stone and Dr. Hestdalen will reveal…

  • Why fish oil is failing to live up to the hype
  • How to tell if the fish oil you’re taking has gone bad
  • Which oils CAN help stop joint discomfort
  • The TRUE essential fatty acids you really need
  • The golden spice that is helping millions regain mobility
  • Which plants promote health and long-term wellness

This webinar is exclusively accessed through Touchstone Essentials; watch it now (click here).

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